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King of the Slugs
Great debut track from the UK based band Fat Dog released by Domino. A must see live...

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Image © Fat Dog/Domino - video capture


One of the best vinyl DJs around has released an all vinyl Mango Wood Boss Reggae mixtape featuring early reggae and ska.

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Image © Fonki Cheff - video capture


Austin Texas OCT 26-29, 2023
The Levitation Festival is back and features a strong line-up for 2023. Lots of live music video to see on the YouTube Channel if you can't get to the festival.

YouTube Channel

Image © Levitation


Again - the new album from OPN
Soon to be released. Likely tour dates for 2024 and a release of the track A Barely Lit Path as an official video.

Released by Warp Records

Image © Warp Records - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


Articles and links featured in the club bar aim to continue the bar-side chatter and connect you to writers, producers, musicians and some of the best online music resources out there...

Latest additions: Music history from The Strange Brew : The Psychology of Death Metal : Pulp - The Story of Common People


Facebook Group
A Facebook group dedicated to preserving the memories associated with one of the most iconic live music venues of the past. Active and well supported with fascinating posts and pictures...

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The Virtual Venue

Connecting you to the very best in live music, past and present.

Looks familiar? The club graphics are based on a later version of The Marquee Club entrance as it was in the early eighties, when it was situated in London's Wardour Street (now closed). However, rather than the venue itself, the spirit of the club and original owner, Harold Pendelton, along with subsequent owners and managers (John Gee, Jack Barrie, Billy Gaff, Doug Palfreeman, Dave Stewart, Mark Fuller and Nathan Lowry), and their role in promoting live music and new artists, is really what's aspired to here.

The Virtual Club

The virtual club aims to connect music fans with the past, and support new artists, musicians and music venues by offering an independent platform for sharing history, news, and updates.

The Virtual Festival

Full live performances shared directly by the artists, or from official sources, are showcased in a festival ambience as a different and fun way to view shared video from YouTube, Vimeo, Arte and other video sharing platforms.

Note: Neither the artwork nor this site are associated with the Marquee brand. The renderings were drawn digitally using many sources as a reference, and are intended only as an approximate representation of the building as it was, to illustrate how some of the smaller venues were historically during the early 1980s.

Looking Back...

The starting point is the music scene in London and the UK during the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and things open out to include the important cultural and musical transitions that occurred during these influential decades.

The emphasis is on live music, or artists that are away from the more commercialized charts.

Looking Forward...

While music from the past is fascinating to review, this is not just a nostalgia trip. A main goal is to connect the influences of the past to now, and guide visitors to new groups, active musicians, and current music projects. New and unsigned or unsupported artists are of particular interest.

On Stage

This is a non-commercial project and avoids advertising where possible to keep the experience clutter-free. We don't ask for subscriptions, or require your personal details or email address.

A return to the small music venue and music festival experience where live music matters. Virtual venues with links to official websites, Spotify playlists, Apple Music, and video featuring new artists, artists from the past, features and curated guides. Have a beer or two and step into a world where music is as it should be.


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