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Andrew Whitehead

Our introduction to Andrew Whitehead was through his work with the BBC, and during research of the Spitalfields area of London. He is a writer and lecturer with interests in the culture and politics of India, historic London, architecture, and political memorabilia. His blog is frequently updated and includes photography and a wide variety of topics.



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Jess Dante

Our introduction to Jess Dante was a candid Q'n'A video about her life and relationships as an American living in England. As it turned out, Dante is the woman behind an online guide to visiting or living in London called Love and London. Dante has interesting views from a slightly different perspective, and produces travel vlogs and written guides to London for visitors.

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John Rogers

Our introduction to John Rogers was through a video tour of the docklands area during research for a feature on the E14 area of London. Rogers is a writer and filmmaker who is currently out there, walking areas of London and reflecting on what was, what could be, and picking up on the details of urban environments and social comment that's left in plain view.

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33a Fournier Street
Enter the yard


James Burke James Burke

Science Historian

Reggie Watts Reggie Watts

Vocal Artist Beatboxer Musician Comedian

Lucinda Lambton Lucinda Lambton

Writer Photographer Broadcaster
Field : Architecture

Jonathan Meades Jonathan Meades

Writer Journalist Presenter Film Maker

Sut Jhally Sut Jhally

Professor of Communication

Grayson Perry Grayson Perry

Artist Potter Writer Presenter

Ian Nairn - Field: Architecture Ian Nairn

Writer Critic Presenter
Field : Architecture

Clara Lieu Clara Lieu

Visual Artist Professor

Adam Curtis Adam Curtis

Filmmaker Journalist

Barbara Palvin Barbara Palvin

Model Actress

Sir Roger Scruton Sir Roger Scruton

Writer Philosopher

Lucy Worsley Lucy Worsley

Historian Author Curator Presenter

Martha Graham Martha Graham

Dancer Choreographer

Sir Ken Robinson Sir Ken Robinson

Author Speaker
Field : Education

Poh Ling Yeow Poh Ling Yeow

Chef Artist Presenter

Andy Gotts Andy Gotts


Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell

Philosopher Historian Mathematician Writer

Sir Peter Ustinov Sir Peter Ustinov

Actor Writer Filmmaker Director Designer Humourist

Pat McGrath Pat McGrath

Make-up Artist

Cai Guo-Qiang Cai Guo-Qiang

Contemporary Artist

Maggi Hambling Maggi Hambling

Painter Sculptor

Benjamin Zander Benjamin Zander

Conductor Composer Music Director

Ramani Durvasula Ramani Durvasula

Psychologist Author

Chris Cunningham Chris Cunningham

Filmmaker Video Artist Music Producer

David Bailey David Bailey


Bridget Riley Bridget Riley


Jane Bown Jane Bown


Carrie Poppy Carrie Poppy

Host Journalist Writer Speaker
Field : Behavior Belief

Vanessa Hill Vanessa Hill

Science Educator Presenter

Mariko Mori Mariko Mori

Photography Digital Art Sculpture

Liz Bonnin Liz Bonnin

Biochemist Biologist Presenter

Sir David Attenborough Sir David Attenborough

Broadcaster Naturalist

Dian Fossey Dian Fossey

Ethologist Primatologist

Jane Goodall Jane Goodall

Anthropologist Primatologist

Bettany Hughes Bettany Hughes

Historian Author Broadcaster

Mary Beard Mary Beard

Scholar Classicist

Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama

Painting Sculpture Installation Art Writing

David Hockney David Hockney

Painter Printmaker Stage Designer Photographer

Kara Walker Kara Walker

Conceptual Art Painting Printmaking Collage

R. D. Laing R. D. Laing


Edward de Bono Dr. Edward de Bono

Physician Psychologist Author

Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway

Journalist Novelist

Philip Larkin Philip Larkin

Poet Novelist Librarian

Marina Abramovic Marina Abramović

Performance Artist Art Filmmaker

Yoonj Kim Yoonj Kim

Correspondent Writer Presenter

Rachel Carson Rachel Carson

Author Marine Biologist Conservationist

Rachel Carson Noam Chomsky

Linguist Philosopher Cognitive Scientist Historian

Spike Lee Spike Lee

Director Producer Writer Actor

Richard Feynman Richard Feynman

Theoretical Physicist

Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking

Theoretical Physicist Cosmologist Author

Professor Brian Cox Brian Cox


Chris Bishop Chris Bishop

Professor of Computer Science

Alexandra Munroe Alexandra Munroe

Curator Art Historian

Nick Broomfield Nick Broomfield

Film Director

Janet Street-Porter Janet Street-Porter

Journalist Broadcaster

Erving Goffman Erving Goffman

Sociologist Social Psychologist Writer

Lynda La Plante Lynda La Plante

Author Screenwriter Actress

Stanley Donwood Stanley Donwood

Artist Writer

Stanley Donwood Robert Sapolsky

Neurobiologist Physiology Biological Anthropologist

Margaret Atwood Margaret Atwood

Poet Novelist Literary Critic

Paul Ekman Paul Ekman

Psychologist Anthropologist

Daniel Dennett Daniel Dennett

Philosopher Writer Cognitive Scientist

Cornel West Cornel West

Philosopher Social Critic Author

Nikolaus Pevsner Nikolaus Pevsner

Field : Art Architecture

Sir John Betjeman Sir John Betjeman

Poet Writer Broadcaster

Alan Bennett Alan Bennett

Author Playwright Screenwriter

Dennis Potter Dennis Potter

Dramatist Screenwriter Journalist

Charlie Brooker Charlie Brooker

Presenter Author Screenwriter Producer Social Critic

Hunter S. Thompson Hunter S. Thompson

Journalist Author

Glenn Wilson Glenn Wilson


Sonoya Mizuno Sonoya Mizuno

Actress Model Ballet Dancer

Paula Abdul Paula Abdul

Singer Dancer Choreographer

Misty Copeland Misty Copeland

Ballet Dancer

Bob Fosse Bob Fosse

Dancer Musical-theatre Choreographer

Kay Redfield Jamison Kay Redfield Jamison

Clinical Psychologist Writer
Field : Bipolar Disorder

Ursula Stephen Ursula Stephen

Field : Hair Stylist

James Joyce James Joyce

Writer Poet Literary Critic

Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut


Derren Brown Derren Brown

Mentalist Illusionist Author

James Randi James Randi

Stage Magician Skeptic of Paranormal and Pseudo-science

Stephen Fry Stephen Fry

Actor Comedian Writer

Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens

Author Columnist Journalist

Gerald Scarfe Gerald Scarfe

Cartoonist Illustrator

Storm Thorgerson Storm Thorgerson

Graphic Designer Music Video Director

Storm Thorgerson David Gilmour


Kimsooja Kimsooja

Conceptual Artist

Dame Evelyn Glennie Dame Evelyn Glennie


Frank Zappa Frank Zappa

Musician Composer

Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky

Composer Pianist Conductor

Terry Gilliam Terry Gilliam

Screenwriter Director Animator

Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki

Animator Screenwriter Author Manga Artist

Daniel Day (Dapper Dan) Dapper Dan

Fashion Designer Haberdasher

Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne

Model Actress

John Peel John Peel

DJ Radio Presenter Journalist

Vivian Stanshall Vivian Stanshall

Singer Musician Author Poet

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Lawyer Supreme Court Justice

David Herbert Lawrence D H Lawrence

Writer Poet

Chen Man Chen Man

Photographer Digital Artist



It's about connection

The Green Room is not about celebrity - it's about connection. Creative people from all walks of life express themselves and comment on life or their subject through shared video and social media.

It's not about others - it's about you

Become inspired, connect to new ideas, try something new, or be encouraged to persist with your goals.

the Green Room



A place where the performance of daily life can stop for a while and a few moments can be taken for reflection and thought.

This curated resource is all about life, people, and society. Shared third-party video and in-house articles take a look at joining up the past with now, and the human condition in terms of psychology, understanding, and the quest for knowledge and peace of mind.

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  • People
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  • Inspiration


People from all walks of life are featured with a focus on what they do, and how they got to where they are. Links and video are related directly or indirectly to their particular story, such as education, tips for newcomers, ideas, and resources. The aim is to inspire and inform through the experiences and attitudes of others.

It's not about celebrity

This guide is not about celebrities or their private lives. It's about connection. The people featured express their own personal views and standpoints themselves through social media (or not, if they choose), or we can reach them via video through talks and interviews. Video also preserves the ideas and thoughts of those who are no longer with us in a way that text or biographies cannot.


The social timeline considers the 1950s up to today, and explores the generational change-over period and the passing on of knowledge, experience, and recent history from people with direct experience of the all-important decades that have defined today's society, along with the warnings and alarm bells that were set off along the way. How things were. How they are now.


Issues and ideas surrounding happiness and fulfillment, understanding the lives of others, and coping with life generally. Collective information about managing daily life, anxieties, depression, and health issues through shared video from those with direct experience.


Ideas and theories from people who can take you deeper into culture, give more understanding of the world around us, or open up topics for thought. Knowledge is not so exclusive thanks to both the internet and those who have taken the time to provide and share opinions, theories, and knowledge - and all for free in many cases.


It's easy to lose direction or confidence. It's also easy to coast along without any real happiness or sense of fulfillment in daily life. The people featured have all found a way to express and enjoy life on a more personal level and are doing something they want to do, rather than have to do. Not all are rich. Not all are famous. Most have followed their own paths and are happy to relate their views and stories of struggle and success. Listening to them can sometimes result in renewed ambition, or confirms you're on the right path and doubts about the possibilities of success or fulfillment are lessened or dispelled.

If you are searching for change, small or new steps are often the hardest to take, but there are ways to get there or at least somewhere near. At worst, you can find ways to surround yourself with an environment that's closer to where you want to be.

A little inspiration can help...

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Some of the material featured may present viewpoints to argue against, along with personal actions or views that may be outdated in today's society and cultures, or grate against particular personal values.

Taking responsibility for censorship, political correctness, or exclusion can seem to make things right, or prevent exposure to the more confrontational side of life, but these measures can also hide reality, which in turn prevents change, stifles freedom and awareness, and sanitises true social history.

Therefore the aim here is to avoid nannying, and to be as objective as possible to give you the freedom to judge or follow something (or not) for yourself.

Historical Perspectives

Lessons can be learnt by understanding the origin of wrong-doings and prejudices that were often accepted as 'the social norm' in the past (for reference see The Historical Thinking Project).

It is hoped that time and context are allowed for, and candid or freely expressed ideas that sometimes contain controversial or even hurtful comments along with the wisdom and the wit, are acknowledged for what they are (or were at the time), or are at least noted and considered for debate rather than disregarded or focussed on solely.

Video Controls

The video player has a full screen option (bottom right). You can watch video full screen, or use full screen to access all the player controls (such as volume and captions).


The Green Room is a non-commercial project. The Green Room does not monetise content or run advertising. Advertising that may appear is from third-parties. There are no public comment sections, and subscription, payment, or the provision of personal details are not required. If you would like to subscribe to a particular YouTube Channel or view a Vimeo user, you can use the urls that appear in player or the shared video playlists. Any social media links will load the various official platforms as an external site by default.


The references used for written profiles are taken from shared video sources using quotes directly from the person themselves (such as an interview or discussion they have taken part in), or are taken from known or researched resources to get as close to the facts as possible.

Inspirational stories, biographies, and links to people from all walks of life.


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